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Garrett was born in September of 2001 he is 15 years old now and always loved video games. His first PC was a realy old PC (cant remeber name) and it ran windows 2000 (uhg I feel old). Later after that when the old computer kicked the bucket I got my FIRST gamecube! I would play games for hours on end. Then finnaly I got my first XBOX 360 and same thing I would play that hours on end. Over the course of 3 years it had the red ring of death 3 times and each time had to buy a new XBOX. Finnaly I switched to PS3 (which is sitting right nect to me to this day 4 years later). Then I became intrested in the PC gaming world and the first thing I played was "Minecraft" then I was introduced to the steam enterprise and then I met you guys! Protection Status