Gang's Role Play Rules

Rules are always updated.
Last update: March 07, 2018 at 18:06, EST

Rules that are colored PURPLE were recently updated.

Article 1: Standard Rules


All users are to have RP names. Below is the rules and regulations for your roleplay name.

  1. Full first and last name - Your name must have an RP name that is approved by admins. This name can NOT resemble a meme, famous person, racist word/phrase, or contain special characters.
  2. Names must be a minimum of 3 characters per first and last name.
  3. You cannot have any other parts to your name beisdes what is above.
  4. Your first & Last Name must only be spaced with a single space. Any special characters or having names touching is not allowed.

Section 2: In-Game Rules

These are basic rules that don’t go very far in depth. Rules that require more explaining will have their own sections to explain them more in depth.

  1. All forms of glitching, hacking, and exploiting are prohibited and will result in permanent banishment.
  2. Mass amounts of crime is NOT permitted. - Refer to Article 2, Section 1
  3. Meta-Gaming is NOT allowed - You are not allowed to use global chat or any out of game forms of communication to influence your decisions.
  4. No form of spamming is allowed - You are not allowed mic spam or spam in chat.
  5. Be a functioning member of society - You must help the community by doing your job, All job rules will have their own sections, View the table of contents to find where specific job rules are.
  6. You must speak only english.
  7. No RDM|KOS(Random Deathmatch|Kill on Sight) - Refer to Article 2, Section 2
  8. No VDM(Vehicle Deathmatch) - Refer to Article 2, Section 3
  9. No breaking NLR(New Life Rule) - Refer to Article 2, Section 4
  10. No Raiding - Refer to Article 2, Section 5
  11. No Trolling - Refer to Article 2, Section 6
  12. No combat logging - You are not allowed to log off, TPA Away, or Warp Away from any RP situation or admin sits.
  13. No Griefing - Griefing is defined as destroying, moving, or placing things where you are not given permission by the owner of the object/vehicle.
  14. No ATM Farming - You’re not allowed to use ATMs for any reason.
  15. No idling - If you are idle for more than 30 minutes you will be kicked for idling.
  16. No altering your voice - You are not allowed to use voice changers on the server.
  17. One group can have no more than 1 blimp
  18. One group can have no more than 3 land vehicles
  19. One group can have no more than 2 air vehicles
  20. One group can have no more than 2 sea vehicles

Section 3: Out of game rules

All these rules apply to the website, teamspeak, discord, and steam chats.

  1. No Meta-Gaming - You are not allowed to use any out of game forms of communication to influence your decisions.
  2. No spamming - You can not spam anyone on any one of our platforms for any reason.
  3. No trolling - Do not do anything to intentionally annoy someone.
  4. No altering your voice - You are not allowed to use voice changers on the server.
  5. Do NOT share pornographic or inappropriate content.
  6. All things attached to the server(forums, teamspeak, and discord) must have one universal name - If you need your forums name changed please contact the server owners.

Article 2: Referenced Rules

Section 1: Crime Rules

All rules related to Criminal activity are below.

Official definition of Excessive Criminal Activity: When you constantly run around looking for someone to rob, kidnap, or in general commit a crime to, this can be deemed harmful to the server. You also must contribute to society in some form.

  1. Caught committing excessive amounts of crime that is deemed harmful to the server is punishable.

Section 2: RDM|KOS - Random Deathmatch|Kill on Sight

All rules related to RDM are below.

  1. All initiation rules are to be followed - Refer to Article 2, Section 1
  2. All crime rules are to be followed - Article 2, Section 1
  3. You are not to randomly kill someone for any reason.
  4. Do not spam kill people and TP them back for fun, it will be considered trolling.

Section 3: VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch

All rules related to VDM are below.

  1. Vehicles are not to be used as weapons.
  2. If someone runs in front of your car while you’re driving you’re not responsible for the person’s death by an admin.
  3. If you’re being robbed in your vehicle you may run over your attacker, however you CAN NOT chase someone to run them over.

Section 4: New Life Rule

All rules related to NLR are below.

  1. You can not return to the scene of your death for 10 minutes or while the situation is still ongoing.
  2. You can not remember the events leading up to your death.

Section 5: Raiding

All rules related to raiding are below.

  1. Only people to raid are police.
  2. If you’re planning to raid someone contact an admin so they can give you raiding permissions.
  3. While raiding you do not destroy anything unless you find something illegal.
  4. You will need to have a warrant for either arrest or a search warrant to get permissions to raid.

Section 6: Trolling

All rules related to trolling are below.

  1. Any time you are forcing yourself into an ongoing RP situation it’s considered trolling.
  2. If you are mic spamming or PM spamming it’s considered trolling.

Section 7: Base Rules

All rules related to bases are below.

  1. Building Restriction: 4 Wide, 4 Long, 2 Tall, Not to be exceeded in any direction.
  2. One base per group
  3. Every base must have 1 claimflag in the middle of the structure.
    • Note: Claim flags are to be placed once the foundation is complete.
  4. Building in already standing structures:
    • You cannot build extentions outside of the structure.
    • Note: Claimflag rule still applies.

Section 8: Admin Rules

All rules related to admin duties are below.

  1. No spawning in items for yourself or your friends.
  2. No abusing permissions.
  3. No RPing while you are on duty.
  4. Don’t be bias towards anyone.
  5. Follow warning points guide.
  6. You must be a certified compensation administrator to give compensation to anyone.
  7. Be professional at all times and don’t freak out, remember this is a privilege that can easily be taken from you.
  8. No trolling.
  9. Don't randomly kill people.

Article 3: Role Rules

Shop Keeper

  1. You are not allowed to abuse your permissions for advantage.
  2. You cannot use your shop abilities unless you are in your shop/mobile shop(vehicle clearly labeled as a shop).
  3. You are not allowed to scam or be scammed; Contact an admin if you are scammed.
  4. If you want a storage container sticking through a wall ask an admin.
  5. You can have upto 3 vehicles(all classes) in stock TO SELL if you're found using these vehicles for personal leasure they will be treated as personal vehicles and regulated under Article 1, Section 2.
  6. You cannot sell items to yourself unless it's with a transaction reguarding another user. Protection Status